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We established in our last post that a links game is to be had in Portugal, so how about remembering a few things when playing any links course.  Because there is often wind, deep bunkers, firm fairways  and sloping greens, lets try and improve our score and enjoyment by considering these few tips:-

  • wind-sculpted_trees_on_the_pembrokeshire_coast_-_geograph-org-uk_-_298264-2

    Wind can shape your game.

    Avoid high spinning balls and keep the ball low. Yes, there’ll be few or no trees but you will probably have a lovely wind to contend with and landing in the gorse or fescue is not what you want.

  • Practice and use your ‘knuckleball’ drives.

  • Remember, the fairways can run as fast as the greens. Put your low irons to use.
  • Be patient with yourself –  as well as the wind.

  • Dealing with those deep bunkers may mean having to hit backwards – and that is ok.


    Remember, these greens are firm. Avoid bouncy approach shots. Gently roll your putts.

  • Putting well can be the key to motivating you on, so don’t be afraid to putt some balls from outside the green.

  • Remember greens on links courses do tend to be undulating and sloping (and more devoid of protective bunkers than other courses), so strong hitting or chipping onto them may lead to unwanted bounces. Go gently and let the ball roll.
  • If playing with a partner, watch their shots and their results.  (No, it’s not sneaky,

    it’s a ‘learning moment.’)

  • Not too much of one thing is a good mantra, so it is OK to be use various clubs.

    And finally,

  • Relax. You are where you want to be doing the thing you love to do, so enjoy it.


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