About Us

We Are:

A new Irish company designing mobile apps  for the golfer & specifically for the golfer on holiday in a new place, on a new course. We love golf and we love to travel.  We are lucky enough to be able to count on collaborators in Ireland, Spain and California.

The Why:

When I was a young boy and learning the game, Seve Ballesteros was my hero.  

I recall one particular time watching him miss a shot by more than a club length.  He dropped the club at the his caddie's feet and spat out some choice Spanish words.  I asked my dad what was happening?  After all, Seve often sent the ball into the rough, onto the fairway next door and even one time he famously sent it into the car park. The thing was he always recovered, that's what made him so exciting.  However, this time my dad chuckled and replied that the caddie had not "stepped - it - out" properly.  

And, that was my lesson in the value of course knowledge and the importance of club selection. 


The What:

So now, joining my two passions of software development and golf, I started a software company that creates apps for golfers with the added twist of helping to improve the experience of the travelling golfer, at the best destinations: e.g, Portugal, Spain, Ireland, Scotland, etc. etc. 

The company could only be called "StepItOut Mobile Applications", a little tribute to the two men who taught me everything I needed to know about playing golf.  Now, if only I could execute as well as they did!! Well, these apps are helping in that endeavour.

We hope you enjoy our apps as much as we do.

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